Portfolio Investors’ Equities Participation Drop By 11.86% – NSE

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By Nse Anthony-Uko
(Sundiata Finance) – Activities domestic and foreign portfolio in the equities market of the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) dropped by 11.86 per cent in July 2017.
The bourse in its monthly report Domestic and Foreign Portfolio Investment (FPI) in equities market said total transactions by both investors closed July at N194.15 billion as against N220.27 billion in June.

According the NSE report, “Total transactions at the ’s bourse decreased by 11.86 per cent from N220.27billion recorded in June 2017 N194.15billion (about $0.64 billion) in July 2017.
The report also showed that aggregate value of transactions from January July 2017 also increased by 58.05per cent from N714.60 billion recorded in 2016 to N1.129trillion in 2017.

“Domestic investors outperformed foreign investors by 37.68per cent. Total domestic transactions increased by 12.56per cent from N118.74 billion recorded in June 2017 N133.65 billion in July 2017 while foreign transactions decreased by 40.41per cent from N101.53 billion to N60.50 billion within the same period.

“Monthly foreign inflows outpaced outflows. However, foreign inflows decreased by 41.70per cent from N65.93 billion in June 2017 N38.44 billion in July 2017. “Foreign outflows also decreased by 38.03 per cent from N35.60 billion in June 2017 to N22.06 billion in July 2017.

“In comparison the same period in 2016, total FPI transactions from January to July 2017 increased by 56.54per cent from N313.49 billion to N490.73, whilst the total domestic transactions increased by 59.23per cent from N401.10 billion to N638.68 billion.”