Power generation to hit 6,000 mega watts by Dec. – Official

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LAGOS – There were indications on Friday in Lagos that channelisation of the ongoing Independent Projects into the national grid in December would leverage the nation’s generation to 6,000 mega watts.

Investigation by the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) and confirmed by a official of the Ministry of Power showed the power projects would further boost the level of electricity generation.

The official, who preferred anonymity, however said that the contribution of the new plants would also depend on the availability of gas.

“We are currently generating between 3,000 mega watts and 3, 200 mega watts of electricity as against 4, 000 mega watts generated in early in the year,” he said.

According to him, vandalism of gas pipelines, distribution, transmission and infrastructure of the sector were the greatest threat facing the sector, and urged to assist in eradicating these sabotage.

“Nigerian stakeholders and civil society should increase advocacy crusade against this major act of sabotage against the power sector.

“Realisation of the dream of the present administration in power sector will help to reduce unemployment as well as boost national economy development.

“Government plans to diversify the energy sector through the exploitation of renewable source of energy in solar, wind, coal and small hydropower,’’ he said.

He also warned that the 70 per cent dependence on gas for the generation of the country’s electricity needs was illogical and fraught with danger.


The source said that contrary to other opinions, the country power generation would increase tremendously, when all projects handled by the Delta Power Holding Company (NDPHC) come on stream.

He identified some of the auxiliary power projects completed by NDPHC to include about 40 transmission lines, 45 transmission sub-stations and 20 sub- station extensions.

He said the Federal Government had already approved about 1.5 billion dollars of the 5.8 billion dollars realised from the sale of the 10 power plants to be ploughed into the development of the nation’s electricity sector.

The source said that about 16 hydropower stations would be upgraded and constructed to boost and augment power generation in the country.

The official expressed optimism that with the completion of the various power projects in the country, power supply would soon improve in the country.

He said that the present administration had invested much in the power sector having known that electricity was a catalyst to the realisation of vision 2020.

“This is one of the catalysts which can make the country to become one of the top 20 economics in the world.

“When Jonathan assumed office, the power generation was 2,250 megawatts, but today it is 3,200 and by December this year the country’s generation will hit 6,000.

“The transformation agenda of the present administration has helped to transform every sector of the economy, especially the power sector,’’ he said. (NAN)