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Presidency 2023: South West outsmarted South East in 2011



In 2011, the real political battle was the preservation or bursting of the PDP zoning arrangement.

The South West was fully aware that the presidency of Nigeria wasn’t coming to it anytime soon, considering that Obasanjo had already taken eight years.

The South East went on frenzy and baptised Jonathan and declared him a bonafide son of Igboland. The South West media gave its full support and zoning was murdered.

Few of us that stood for zoning were labeled ‘efulefu’ and hounded online. The rest is history.

Then 2015 came, the zoning was already dead. The South West struck and formed an alliance that took it a breathe away from the presidential office.

Now, the South East is now struggling to resuscitate zoning. The only zoning I support is the election of a competent son of the defunct Eastern region.

Last line: a reasonable political party can only give it’s party ticket to a candidate with a fair chance of winning.

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