Presidential Aspirant, Elishama Ideh Condemns Electoral Fraud, Buying of Votes In Ekiti Giver Election

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ABUJA (Sundiata Post) – A female presidential aspirant in the 2019 election, Dr. Elishama Ideh, has condemned the hacking into the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) system to falsify election results in some local governments, Ado Ekiti inclusive, as well as the shameful role money played in the governorship election that produced Dr. Kayode Fayemi last weekend.

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She further said that due to the hacking of the INEC database by the All Progressives Congress (APC) agents, the results collated and signed at the polling centres could not tally with what INEC announced.

Speaking in Lagos, Dr. Ideh said that it’s a shame that President Buhari who claims to be a man of integrity and who defeated a sitting President in a free and fair election will condone such an onslaught on our electoral system.

She asked now that the APC have experimented this electoral fraud in Ekiti State and succeeded what is Nigeria’s hope for 2019 election, would their votes count?

While urging Nigerians not to be complacent but rise against this mockery of democratic system, she described as reprehensible the shameful exchange of money in the election, adding that, “just like Jacob sold his birth right to Esau for a pot of porridge, same can be ostensibly be said of what played out in Ekiti.”

She agreed that the nation’s democracy is nascent and yet to get there, but said the supposed custodians of the laws of the land went overboard, throwing caution to the wind in a battle of “the highest bidder takes it all in this financial supremacy” in the last Saturday’s gubernatorial election in Ekiti State, in a bid to hoodwink the electorate to vote for their political parties.

Ideh, who is contesting for the presidential job under the platform of the Alliance for New Nigeria (ANN),said both Congress (APC) were enmeshed in a show of obnoxious shame of money politics.

“While the PDP, which has been unable to pay the salaries of civil servants in the state for almost six months was churning out N4,000 and N5000 to each voter who presented a permanent voter’s card (PVC).

“The APC which has been unable to ensure the security of lives of Nigerians across the country came with several bullion vans of “federal money” sharing between N7,000 to N9,000 to each voter who presented a PVC,” Ideh emphasised.

She said that with the show of, “shame on the path of the people we’ve left our collective destiny as a nation in their hands and an international embarrassment amongst the comity of nations as well as an ignoble act on the part of the masses.”

“Of a truth, we’re yet to accept and earnestly pursue the true tenets of what a democratic society symbolises. We’re neither redundant nor progressing, nay, we’re are lugubriously at the precipice of monumental decadence if nothing urgent is done to salvage the sadistic memories that played out in Ekiti State on Saturday.

“But I insist that Nigerian people will be liberated from this maniacal politics of stealing the mandate of the people with money.

“We shall work hard and ensure that regardless of how much your money is, our votes will be for the RIGHT PERSON and shall no longer be in the market place for sales.

As Nigeria president, Dr. Ideh said she would build a “secure democratic nation that’s inclusive with justice and fairness based on the values of meritocracy, integrity, patriotism and unity; and to promote an industrialised, clean and green environment for the prosperity of all.”

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