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Prophet impregnates landlord’s wife in Ondo


By Our Reporter

Police from Ondo Command have arrested the founder of a church in Ore, Odigbo Local Government Area of Ondo State, Prophet Oluwaseun Akinnubi, for allegedly impregnating his landlord’s wife after hypnotising the landlord.

Akinnubi, who was accommodated by the couple, allegedly impregnated the mother of four and rented another apartment for the landlord’s wife, identified as Mummy Precious, when she was due for delivery.

Akinnubi, who is the founder of Christ the Helper Foundation Ministry in Ore, was alleged to have turned the landlord, identified as Tubosun, into his housemaid and was said to no longer be in his right frame of mind.
A source close to the couple said the family of the landlord reported the Prophet to the police when they noticed that Tubosun had lost his mind, and the Prophet was arrested during the naming ceremony in another house rented for the mother of four.

The source said, “After the prophet impregnated the woman, the prophet rented another apartment and moved the woman out of her husband’s house.

“To the dismay of neighbours, after Mama Precious gave birth, they noticed her husband was going to the prophet’s new place to wash clothes for his estranged wife and the new baby.

“All efforts by the family of the landlord to explain to Tubosun that the prophet had taken over his wife yielded no result, but he keeps going to the place to wash his wife’s and the baby’s clothes and clean the house.

“At that point, we knew the prophet had already hypnotised Tubosun because his act was awkward. We believe he is no longer in his right frame of mind.”

A neighbour disclosed that the prophet was diabolical, saying Tubosun had not been normal since he accommodated him, while his house had been turned into a worship centre by the Prophet.

He said, “Some few months ago, after Akinnubi moved in with the couple, the number of his congregation had been increasing, while the man has been collecting bags of rice for deliverance.

“Later, we discovered the prophet was having an affair with Tubosun’s wife, and I personally drew his attention to the illicit affairs, but to my surprise, he didn’t take any action.

“After a while, Akinnubi rented another apartment for the woman, while he held church service every day at Tubosun’s residence, while the family of Tubosun decided to take action against the prophet.

One of the elder brothers of Tubosun, Moses Akinnuoye, who confirmed the incident, said he was shocked at the police station when the Prophet laid claim to the baby and the pregnancy.

“Four rooms were burgled in the house, and I decided to invite the police since people were complaining that certain people used to come after others had left for work.

“He was doing church service in my brother’s sitting room. It was at the police station that I started hearing different stories. The Pastor claims he is the owner of the baby. My brother said he could not change the will of God.

“The Pastor told my brother that God told him he could not marry the woman. When my brother declared he heard the voice of God and left his wife for his friend, what could anybody do? I just need the Pastor to move his things away from the house, but the Pastor has been granted bail.”

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