Protests in US city as police kill second black man

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Missouri protesters BY BBC

The police killing a second black St Louis-area man 11 days has threatened to further enflame tensions.

On , police officers shot dead a man who brandished a knife at them, St Louis Police Sam Dotson said.

The 9 August police Michael Brown, 18, has sparked days violent protests the town Ferguson, prompting a heavy police crackdown.

There is widespread anger against the mainly white police force for killing Mr Brown, who was unarmed.

Brown’s family say his funeral take place on Monday.

US Attorney General Eric Holder is due to visit Ferguson on Wednesday to meet investigating the killing.

’s police has threatened to further inflame tensions within the community.

According to police, the early afternoon, officers shot and a knife-wielding man four miles (6.4km) from the site Brown’s killing. [eap_ad_2] St Louis Police Sam Dotson said witnesses reported the man had been behaving in an erratic manner, and emphasised the officers had a right to defend themselves.

“The suspect turned toward officers, pulled out knife in an overhand grip, told officers to ‘shoot me now, me now,’” he told reporters.

In another in the Michael Brown case, the St Louis county prosecutor’s office on said it would present evidence against the officer who Brown to a grand jury on Wednesday.

The citizen panel determine whether or to charge Darren Wilson a crime.

Both St Louis and the US justice department are conducting investigations into the case, which has provoked demonstrations throughout the country.

Witnesses have said Brown was shot as he held his hands up in a position of surrender, while the police and of Wilson have said he fired during a fight Mr Brown.[eap_ad_3]