Psychologist recommends appointment of competent Nigerians to manage sports

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LAGOS – A sports psychologist at the University of Lagos, Dr. Festus Adeyeye, on Monday recommended the appointment of competent individuals to run sports in Nigeria.

Adeyeye told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos that dearth of the right calibre of sports administrators had made the challenges in the sector almost insurmountable.

“If sports are administered scientifically, if the appropriate people are appointed to administer sports in Nigeria, the sky is not even the limit for us. “Because God has endowed this country with all we need to excel in international competition. [eap_ad_2] “To excel in any competition is not just your physical prowess alone, there are so many factors; we talk about the personality of the athletes.

“We talk about the stress level of the athletes, how to manage it; we talk about motivation of the athletes, what is motivating an athlete to take part in competition.

“So, these are some of the factors, the physical fitness level, all these we have to consider before individual can perform.

“That is the problem of Nigeria, the real people that are suppose to administer sports are not there.’’
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