Public Primary School Pupils to enjoy free healthcare —NHIS

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ABUJA – The National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) said pupils in schools in the country would soon enjoy free at all levels under a special arrangement of the scheme.

Mr Ayo Osinlu, the Head, and Relation, NHIS said this in a made available to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) Wednesday in Abuja

The described the initiative as one of the strategies being developed by the scheme toward the timely and unfailing attainment of universal health coverage in the country.

It appealed to governors to make health insurance mandatory in states as this would be a significant step in the promotion of health insurance as a social security.

The said that this would enable those with financial capacity to make provision for those who could not afford to for .

According to the statement, the comprehensive digital process of registering the school children in the exercise is being finalised by the scheme.

It said that this would ensure that the integrity of the registration process was preserved through transparency and total inclusion.

The statement noted that the scheme would bear the total cost of the for the initial year after which the governments would be required to provide 60 per cent of the .

It stated that the scheme would bring up the balance of 40 per cent, and that this was to guarantee the sustainability of the .

It statement said that at expiration of the NHIS/MDGs special intervention for Maternal and Child Health in 2015, pregnant women in the benefiting states would continue to enjoy free nationwide.

It said that the scheme would bear the cost for the first three years.

The statement urged the governors to ensure the participation of states in the as a political bonus before the expiration of the in 2015. (NAN)