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Pull Nigeria Back From The Brink, No Nation Thrives Without Virile Opposition, Buhari Tells Jonathan


Gen. Buhari also said that President Jonathan should remember that no democracy can thrive or survive without a vigorous opposition. Hence, he added, it will amount to a man cutting his nose to spite his face for anyone to embark on a journey to decapitate the opposition, as the current central government is doing. He said a man of power must realize that he cannot always do things just because he can do them.

”I, along with many other patriotic Nigerians, fought for the unity and survival of this country. Hundreds of patriotic souls perished in the battle to keep Nigeria one. The blood of many of our compatriots helped to water the birth of the democracy we are all enjoying today.” ”Let no one, whether the leader or the led, the high or the low, a member of the ruling or the opposition do anything to torpedo the system. Let no one, whether on the altar of personal ambition or pretension to higher patriotic tendencies, do anything that can detonate the keg of gunpowder on which the nation is sitting. It is time for all concerned to spare a thought for the ordinary citizens who have yet to see their hopes, dreams and aspirations come to reality  within the general context of nationhood,” Muhammadu Buhari said in conclusion. (SR)

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