Reality Star, Khafi Issues A Strong Warning To Womb Watchers

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Reality star, Khafi Kareem has cautioned womb watchers, asking them how difficult it is for them to leave women’s womb alone.

According to her, if someone has not publicly come out to say they are pregnant, people should stop insinuating they are.

She noted people should have some patience before they announce pregnancy.

She Wrote;

”People need to STOP this. If someone has not announced a pregnancy DO NOT congratulate them. DO NOT comment what you “think” you see! Whatever your intentions you don’t know what people are going through!!!”

“If they have good news let THEM share it. Speculations can cause so much hurt and distress. Women could be trying unsuccessfully for a baby, just had a miscarriage, have fibroids etc or have simply put on weight. STOP scrutiny. How hard is it to leave women’s’ wombs alone?!”