Reality Star, Omashola Narrates How He Saved Himself During Robbery Incident

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Reality star, Omashola has recounted how he defended himself during a robbery incident South Africa.

Narrating how he was nearly robbed, Omoshola said he was about entering his car head when two and tried rob him.

However, he was able punch of without thinking which resulted his phone cracking.

Thinking back that attack, Omoshola said he realizes what he did was dangerous because of had a gun.

Sharing photo of his cracked phone, he said;

”Weeks back I was about enter car and head when 2 guys stopped me and tried rob me,

I told myself to save yourself because I can’t save you. So I punched of guys the face and the rest was history
Today I said to myself “Nigga you stupid” one of those guys was cfarrying a gun and I was even thinking 🤦🏽‍♂️ I fucked up hands 👊🏽 and phone crashed beyond repair the stupid fight”