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Recession Is Positive Development For Nigerians – AMORC Chieftain


By Emmanuel Acha [email protected] 08068248339
Enugu –   The Grand Commander of the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC, Dr Kenneth Idiodi, says the current recession in the country has made Nigerians to be alive to their responsibilities.
Idiodi made the observation in Enugu on Thursday while briefing newsmen on its Eastern Regional Rotational Conclave holding in the state.
He said that a better appreciation of the laws of the universe couldbe panacea to the socio-economic challenges of the country.
The grand commander said the organization believed that man had yet to explore the secrets to the myriads  of their challenges.
Idiodi, who is also the Director, Supreme Board of AMORC, said that the current recession in the country had offered man much to ponder about life and the mysteries of creation.
He said that it was inexplicable that a country like Nigeria with abundant human and natural resources could be faced with such economic challenges.
The commander explained that AMORC is not a secret society contrary to the widely held belief, but a system that committed itself to the study and application of laws that govern the universe.
“The Rosicrucian Order is an open organization, but it is perfectly true that we have secret knowledge pertaining to the universe and the welfare of every human being.
“So there are things which you are totally incapable of knowing about yourself if you are not a member,” he said.
Idiodi said that such knowledge, as espoused by the organization, were for improved health, happiness, harmony in and around the adherents.
He stressed that AMORC is not a religious organization, adding that it is open to adherents of all religions.
“It does not matter which religion you belong. AMORC will make you a better Christian or Muslim.
“We live and function in an environment that is charged with intense social vices like armed robbery and cannot guaranty provision of social amenities.
“But by such study and application you benefit and become a better believer in God,” he said.
Idiodi said that members of the organization had better appreciation of human relationship in spite of their religious differences.
“AMORC broadens your frontiers and gives you better knowledge and awareness about life regardless of your religion.
“What matters is not the religion you belong to. It is not how much you shout, jump up and dance about God but how you live your life.
“If you believe in God, practice it and radiate the God consciousness in you. Let your light shine and people will follow you,” he said.

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