Regional body urges Central African Republic to implement ceasefire

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The International Conference on the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR) on Thursday the Central African Republic (CAR) to declare a ceasefire to bolster the chances for national reconciliation and an end to the country’ civil war.

A ceasefire is a measure to pave the way for peace the CAR, according to the final communique of a mini-summit held by the ICGLR in Luanda.

the document, the ICGLR heads of state and government considered a ceasefire declaration “an essential factor for the success of the entire process and the creation of a favourable climate for peace and national reconciliation.’’

The mini-summit convened by Joao Lourenco, the acting chair of the ICGLR, encouraged the to negotiate with the leaders of rebel groups for a renunciation of the country.

The event also approved the Joint Roadmap for Peace, which aimed to end and bring about peace the country.