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Rep decries lack of political will to address health issues


ABUJA – Dr Joseph Kigbu, Chairman, House of Representatives Committee on HIV and AIDS, Malaria Control, Tuberculosis and Leprosy said on Friday the challenges of public health care delivery were enormous.

Kigbu, who said this at a workshop on HIV and AIDS, Tuberculosis, Leprosy, Malaria and other life threatening diseases in Abuja, identified lack of political will as the most difficult challenge facing the sector.

“Many health policies do not meet the riposte purpose; lack of sufficient funding is a setback to addressing public health issues, especially HIV and AIDS.

“Public health issues, mainly non communicable diseases are critical challenges which developing nations are battling with,’’ he said.

Kigbu urged government to increase financial commitment for HIV and AIDS treatment, stressing that many people living with the virus were not on treatment.

“We need to do more to put at least 1.5 million people living with HIV and AIDS on treatment,’’ Kigbu said.

He explained that illiteracy was another setback to addressing health issues, and called for increased awareness, counselling and testing for HIV and AIDS.

The chairman urged government to take greater responsibility of the health of its citizens instead of depending on international partners.

He however commended the contributions of the government toward addressing health problems in the country, saying more needed to be done to turn things around. (NAN)

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