Rep Hails APC For Constituting Committee on Restructuring

By Abiemwense Moru
Abuja –  A member of the House of Representatives, Rep. Abubakar Amuda-Kannike (Kwara-APC), has commended the leadership of the All Progressives Congress (APC) for constituting a committee on restructuring.
Amuda-Kannike told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja on Thursday that the committee would create a platform for Nigerians to express their views on the issue.
He said, ‘’I am aware that APC, my party, has set up a committee to look at restructuring.
“I believe APC as a party is trying to create a platform for people to ventilate and express themselves, so that we can understand what a common and popular opinion about restructuring is all about.
“So, the party has a platform for pushing agenda for its supporters and Nigerians; it is ventilating restructuring. I think it is a very healthy thing to do.’’
The lawmaker explained that the committee would not determine whether it was going to support restructuring or be against restructuring but come out with a guide for the party.

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“I think what the committee is going to do is not to determine whether it is for or against restructuring.
“The party has already decided on restructuring and the devolution of powers is just one aspect of restructuring.
“So, the committee will address other aspects of restructuring and come out with a guide for the party.
“Again, APC being very sensitive to the feelings of Nigerians, has set up the committee and should be applauded, it is very proactive and this is commendable,’’ he said.
On whether Gov. Nasiru el-Rufai, the restructuring committee chairman, would jeopardise the outcome of the committee’s exercise, Amuda-Kannike said that he would not, saying that el-Rufai had made his interest known.
‘’What the committee is going to do is not to determine whether there is need for restructuring or devolution of powers.
“For any responsible person that is given an assignment, you have to declare your interest.

‘’In fact, in the legislature, we are encouraged to disclose our interest.
“In a way that el-Rufai is against restructuring shows that his interest is already declared. But that does not mean that he will jeopardise the exercise.
“If they believe that despite the fact that he is against restructuring, he is credible enough to head that committee, he cannot bring his personal opinion to bear on the overall decisions of the committee.

“That is what I expect from a person of his stature. And that is why the party does not have any concern that he has a personal opinion.’’
The lawmaker said that the intention of the party was to articulate opinions at the end of the exercise which would lead to consultations and be a platform for internal debate for superior arguments.
He said the outcome of the consultations would show the popularity of the issue or otherwise.
“The assignment is for the committee to articulate opinions and at the end of the exercise, there will be consultations and platform for expressions, internal debate for superior arguments among others.
“At the end of the day, it is the outcome of those consultations which will show what is popular or not.

“I don’t think the party will come out to say there is no need for restructuring or not; the party is already trying to articulate positions on what Nigerians want to restructure.” (NAN)

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