Resign Honourably, Fasehun Tells Buhari

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President and founder of Oodua Peoples Congress (OPC), Dr. Fredrick Fasehun ,has urged President Muhammadu Buhari to resign honourably, saying it was now evident that he was medically unfit to continue in office.

‘Resignation is right thing to do for a head of state that love the nation. When the head is bad, the entire body is bad. Nigerians have been praying for him for the past three months but it is now clear that his personal health is more important to him than power’’, he said.

Speaking to selected journalists in Lagos, Dr. Fasehun pointed out that now that president claimed to be physically fit, the ideal thing was that he should return to duty. In the alternative, Nigerians should turn to the constitution and study what the Constitution says.

‘It is unfortunate that Nigerian lawyers are giving proper advice on Buhari’s illness. They are not giving legal education to Nigerian people. They are not defending Constitution as it should be defended. They just allowed Nigerians to ponder with their legal illiteracy by keeping quiet’, he said.

He also frowned at attitude of Nigerian doctors for keeping quiet when they ought to speak on Buhari’s adding that he studied and lived in Britain for 13 years and he knows British doctors and their attitude.

He continued, “I am a medical doctor and I wonder what British doctors have been doing and we Nigerians allow things to go on as if nothing has happened. Nigerians as a whole forget that it is day he is discharged that he will start work. He would be given time for recuperation.

’If he has been ill for four months, British doctors are so careless as not to give time for recuperation. This can only be tolerated in Nigeria. Presidents in other countries would have resigned without waiting for the people to protest. There is a cabal that got together to ensure he does not resign but stay put in office’, he said.

To him, President Buhari should be a patriot and resign as President of Nigeria adding that as a medical doctor who studied alongside those treating him in London; it is obvious that he is fit to continue in office.

He said: ‘’ Many practicing Nigerian doctors and I studied in Britain with those treating him and we attended same class and we use to beat them in class. They are better than us”. The Sunnews