Restrictions eased in New Delhi as riot death toll hits 38

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Delhi – Police Friday reported that no major incidents from Delhi as the death toll from violent riots in the area rose to 38.

Confrontations between supporters and opponents of a controversial citizenship law that began Sunday had degenerated into violent and arson by sparring Hindu and Muslim communities.

The law fast-tracks Indian nationality for certain religious groups but excludes , there have been continuing protests in India since the law was passed in December.

“No major incidents have been reported since Wednesday night. The situation is limping back to normal,’’ Delhi police spokesman Anil Mittal said.

banning assembly of are also being removed in view of the improving ground situation.’’

The death toll rose to 38 from 35 Thursday, doctors at two -run hospitals confirmed, with succumbing to injuries.

Around 240 were .

Political have been accused of instigating the violence that peaked on Tuesday when .S. , was in New Delhi.

Delhi’s ruling Aam Aadmi Party suspended its local leader Tahir Hussain after he was charged with murder and arson in connection with the death of an intelligence officer, broadcaster NDTV reported.

No police complaints were so far filed against from the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party incited trouble.

Delhi’s police, which have been criticized for reacting too slowly to the violence, detained or arrested 500 suspects in connection with the violence.\