Restructure now or else — Aboderin

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The Pastor of Faith Bible Church, Dr. David Aboderin has urged President Buhari restructure Nigeria toward true federalism or risk break up of Nigeria.

Abodenrin said this in an with The Nation over the week in Lagos, said that the drum of disunity is hitting hard in Nigeria because across political and religious divides are tribalistic and, nepotic in their style of governance.

He noted that cannot live together in unity if the head is exhibiting ethnicity and is carried away with tribal and religious sentiments.

He noted that the need for the President listen the voice of reasoning and pave the way for restructuring on the path of regionalism is germane for an indivisible country.

He stated further that Nigeria is a country blessed with immerse human and mineral but ’s development has been hindered due selfishness, tribalism and unpatriotic that has governed Nigeria over the years.

“A nation so bless but the people live in penury. We have had enough. Our children are living in drone to other countries for greener pastures. We have to wake up and shun partisan politics and selfish tendencies to Nigeria work again”, he said.

He posited further by admonishing the church to continue to pray and light the gospel of Jesus every where at this time.

He said “the church cannot stop but pray for the nation. The we have is prayer. Live the life of holiness, preach the gospel because the gospel of Jesus remain a veritable tools that can transform lives.

“We have seen prostitute change, drug addict over addiction, hodlums and deliquent children become change persons through the of the gospel”, he said.

Aboderin berated the church and church for encouraging and promoting materialism, infrastructure, crowd and ego above the primary calling and purpose of the church.

He said that the church supposed to impact, affect and a difference as light to shine brighter and brighter, but reverse is the case as darkness has pervaded every area of our society and the light is struggling to lighten the darkness because, has lost his position and primary purpose.

“The time is now for the church and church leaders to be humble and broken, lay down their personality ego, titles, position and denominational doctrines to put faith in action as the light for the purpose of the gospel, recovery of our land and generations from the throng of darkness”, he advised.

Aboderin emphasized that, the government of Nigeria could not get it right, because, are the light has not taken their position to lighten up the darkness.

He stated further, “it is unfortunate, many pastor go about with anointing oil without knowledge of the word, while others build on gimmick.

He added that some , pastors and church leaders are directly involved in crime perpetuated and committed in higher places of government.

These days, pastors leads robbery operation, involve in rituals and killings; engaged in kidnapping, adultery, aiding and abbetting criminal activities because, many came into the ministry without understanding the purpose of the ministry and their calling as light, lightening the darkness and a difference”, he said.