Resumption: Public schools shun Covid protocols in Abuja

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Some schools in Abuja, the nation’s capital, failed to comply with safety protocols as academic activities resume in the wake of a second wave of the pandemic.

Our correspondent visited three schools on Monday morning, of which are in Kubwa, Bwari Area Council.

At the L.E.A Primary School Byazhin, teachers were seen with their masks on but only a few of the pupils came to school with theirs.

While an official was seen checking the temperature of the pupils with a digital thermometer as they arrive, the pupils were seen entering their various classes without washing their hands or having them sanitised.

Some of the pupils were also cleaning the premises ahead of classes on Monday.

At the L.E.A Primary School Gbazango, it was a similar situation.

Only out of over 15 pupils, who went in as our correspondent observed them from the gate, wore a mask. Their hands were neither washed nor sanitised as they entered the school.

A male pupil, who tried to hang a banner on which the safety protocols were listed, pulled down his mask to his chin. The male guard who supervised him did not wear one.

A middle-aged woman who appeared to be a member of staff also entered the premises without wearing a mask or washing her hands.

Private schools in the area, however, appeared to have put stricter measures in place.

For instance, Unique Rhema Nursery and Primary School, also in Gbazango, did not only make a mask compulsory for pupils, but water and soap were also provided for washing their hands as they entered the premises.

Our correspondent also observed the security men at the gates wore a mask while parents were disallowed from entering the premises.

A notice from the school management to parents, which our correspondent obtained on Monday, urged parents to educate their wards on the and safety measures.

The notice read, “As our kids resume today, educate them with the following: Sit your kids down and talk to them about Covid. Introduce them to the use of sanitiser. Let them know they can’t share their spoon, bowls, water, handkerchief, etc. Tell them to wear their mask when playing with their friends. Tell them their pencil, pen, eraser can’t be shared.

“Provide at least well-ventilated nose masks for them daily. Provide at least three uniforms for your kids. Give them enough snacks and tell them not to share them with anyone. Let them bath as soon as they return from school and try to wash their uniform daily. Check their temperature always. Covid is real. The safety of our kids is our responsibility.”