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Retired civil servant prays court for divorce to avoid suicide


By David O. Royal

IBADAN – Isiaka Azeez, a retired civil servant, on Wednesday, petitioned a Mapo Customary Court in Ibadan to dissolve his 40-year-old marriage to Mujidat, or he might jump into a river due to his wife’s constant provocation.

Narrating his ordeal before Chief Ademola Odunade, the President of the court, Azeez said that he was fed up with his wife’s troubles and a frequent threat to his life.

He (Azeez), who is believed to be in his 70s posited that he had never benefited any rest of mind in his 40 years union to Mujidat except sorrow and trauma.

“For over 20 years now, my cohabitation with Mujidat has been that of cat and rat because she is highly disobedient and an example of a mistaken wife.

“Her attitude suddenly changed towards me the moment she realized that things went bad with me economically and she started treating me with disregard.

“Then I developed diabetes and other systemic problems led to her not taking care of me any further.

“Worst of all, Mujidat told our three children to also take me as a nonentity because they neither greet me nor show me any form of respect.

“For the past one year, Mujidat had in fact, moved away from my home.

“If this court refuses to put an end to our union today, I prefer to go and jump into Dandaru River,” Azeez threatened.

The plaintiff’s younger brother and sister who testified in the matter also confirmed all the attitudes usually exhibited by the respondent. However, the respondent opposed the suit and also denied some of the allegations levelled against her, adding that instead, her husband neglected her for his second wife. Mujidat submitted that she never misguided the children against their father and that they only did what they wished.

“The real reason why my husband filed this suit against me is that I no longer allow him to sleep with me again and this is due to my age and his ailment.

“Please, for the sake of our children, don’t separate us,” Mujidat said.

In his judgment, Odunade dissolved the union, noting that the relationship has been irreparably damaged due to the respondent’s misbehaviours. He, however, ordered the plaintiff to pay N5,000 to Mujidat to enable her to move her things out of the house she shares with Azeez. (Vanguard)

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