Rig and roast: America condemns Tinubu over Ekiti, Osun forthcoming polls comments

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he US has reportedly chided top Nigerian including the national leader of the All Progressives , APC, Asiwaju Bola , for making threat comments ahead of the forthcoming in Ekiti and Osun .

While the governorship election in Ekiti State is expected to on June 21, that of Osun has been slated for August 9.

During investiture as Chancellor of the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso, Oyo State, last month, had threatened that it would be “rig and roast” in the forthcoming elections as the party would longer go to the court to reclaim its mandate.

quoted as saying, “ government that wants people’s votes will be doing what they are doing. They are already planning to rig the elections but be ready to protect your votes; nobody serves you freedom a la carte. It is going to be rig and roast.

“We are prepared not to go to court but to drive you out. We will not take it anymore. If you mess up in Ekiti and Osun , you will see our reactions. For every action, there be a reaction”.

The US in a statement titled, “Countering the crisis of credibility”, by its Consul General, Jeff Hawkins, have called on Nigerian not to incite violence and break the law with comments.

The diplomat quoted as saying, “The sponsorship of violence and intimidation, and the rhetorical threat thereof, are utterly unacceptable in a democratic society, and need to be expunged once and for all the Nigerian polity and discourse. The US has been deeply troubled by some of the rhetoric that has been thrown around in recent weeks and as these elections have drawn closer. It is perfectly acceptable, and even praiseworthy, to to defend your vote and that of your fellow citizens share your support for a particular candidate.

“It is not, however, productive or reasonable to threaten violence, even when you perceive others have been guilty of misconduct. We were deeply troubled by the threat of ‘rig and roast’ issued multiple times by a major political figure in recent weeks. benefits that type of violent rhetoric, we wondered? And why would any ordinary Nigerian accept such provocative language, especially considering the history of post- in Nigeria, and the truly horrific carnage that this country has been suffering at the hands of Boko Haram?

“If a candidate believes an election is threatened, then that candidate should be doing everything possible to see that the rules of the game are enforced properly – by having party agents in the numerous locations where they are permitted, for example, to bear witness to what happens – or doesn’t happen. That is part of the painstaking work of participating in, and building, a democracy. Drawing on or threatening violence is an attempt to short-circuit that process for the benefit of a few, but to the detriment of many.

“Nigerians have fought long and hard to earn the democratic rights they now possess, and Nigerians want – and deserve – , credible elections in Ekiti on June 21, in Osun on August 9, and across this great country in February 2015. That’s why these elections are a critical juncture. Every Nigerian – the party leaders and candidates to average citizens – should do everything in /her power to help meet those expectations, and thereby counter this crisis of credibility”. (today.ng)