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Rwandan genocide suspect wanted in Canada faces deportation


Kigali  –   A former officer in the defeated Rwandan armed forces responsible for the genocide against Tutsis is currently facing deportation from Canada, a judiciary source said on Friday.
The officer, 2nd-Lt. Henry Seyoboka, 44, is facing trial over his alleged role in the massacre perpetrated between April and July, 1994.
The suspect has been formally notified of his deportation earlier this week by the Canada Border Services Agency.
He is to face justice at home after it was noticed that the accused lied in some of his immigration papers.
Reports said that Seyoboka, who fled Rwanda in July, 1994, had been granted permanent residency after living nearly two decades in Canada.
The Canadian authorities later discovered that he didn’t mention that he was a soldier who allegedly took part in mass killings during genocide in 1994.
Under Canadian immigration law, genocide and crimes against humanity are part of several grounds for criminal inadmissibility.
In January, 2012, Canadian authorities deported another Rwandan genocide suspect, Léon Mugesera.
Mugesera was deported because he was wanted in Rwanda on charges of inciting genocide and crimes against humanity, stemming from an inflammatory anti-Tutsi speech he gave in 1992. (PANA/NAN)

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