SABMiller opens first brewery in Namibia

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SABMillerSABMiller, a leading brewer, unveiled its first ever brewery in located within close proximity the capital , Windhoek. Construction at the $39 million worth brewery started in last year.
“This brewery is an example us delivering the promise that we made to the community and government that our beer will be brewed, bottled and consumed locally. At SABMiller , we believe the most effective way to fulfil our responsibilities is to maximise the success our business,” said SABMiller managing director, Cobus Bruwer.[eap_ad_2]
The new brewery will use 3,25 hectolitres (hl) of water for every hectolitre of beer produced in its first year of operation with its 2018 target being 3,10 hl.
SABMiller is the world’ second-largest brewer measured by revenues and is also a bottler of Coca -Cola. The company has listing the Stock Exchange. SABMiller brands include famous international beers and it also own over 150 market-leading brands.
The origins of the SABMiller date back to the foundation of Breweries in 1895.For many decades the of Breweries were mainly limited to southern , where it had established a dominant in the market, until 1990 when it began investing in Europe.  (VENTURES )[eap_ad_3]