Samsung Working On A Crazy New Phone With A Wraparound

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samsung isn’t exactly known for its innovations, but a ZDNet Korea claims maker is working a radical new phone design with a unique wraparound display.

phone’s display would theoretically wrap around edges and replace bezels traditionally seen smartphones. Volume and lock buttons would also be replaced by touch-screen controls.

that it is “unclear whether will produce the new phone massively or change it to a limited edition premium phone for developed countries.”[eap_ad_2]

There have been rumors that has been working phone with a flexible display for a while now, so you probably shouldn’t delay your next purchase just yet.

According to BGR, Samsung has filed for a patent for a phone with a similar design that also gets rid of buttons on the side of the device.

Such a design could be just what Samsung needs to differentiate itself an increasingly crowded market, which is really putting a dent in the company’s profits, and we already know the for flexible displays does exist. (Business Insider)[eap_ad_3]