Samsung’s Note 7 phones back on sale after recall

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Seoul- Samsung’s flagship Galaxy Note 7 Smartphones went back on sale in South Korea on Saturday, a report said.

Almost a month after the electronics giant was forced to undertake a worldwide recall of the devices due to the risk of them catching fire.

“The new phones have been fitted with new batteries, they will go on sale again in Europe on Oct. 28,’’ a spokesman said.

Samsung launched the recall early September after admitting that the so-called phablet, which was originally launched on August 19 and sold in several countries, could burst into flames while charging.

Meanwhile, several airlines also banned passengers from bringing them on board.

The company said 2.5 million phones were affected and offered all customers replacements, including 1.4 million customers in South Korea and the U.S. alone.

However, U.S. consumer authorities said they had received 92 reports of the phones overheating or even catching fire.