Saraki debunks EFCC witness’ claim on property

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Michael Wetkas, a detective of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), on Wednesday, May 11, said Bukola Saraki, the Senate president declared a property that did not exist. Wetkas said this at the Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT) while he was being cross-examined by Paul Usoro, one of the lead counsel to Saraki. According to him, the property which did not exist was said to be at 15b McDonald road, Ikoyi, Lagos.

Usoro asked if he stood by his testimony that the property which the defendant declared did not exist, Wetkas replied that any report brought before the court is from investigations carried out. However, Usoro was able to develop facts that meant the property existed while cross-examining the witness. One of the facts was a letter written to a presidential implementation committee, by one Egwuagu, an occupant of the building, in 2008 stating that he was in possession of the property as of 1994.
“I am still living in the property with my family and can’t abandon it,” according to the engineer when Usoro read out an excerpt of the letter.

Usoro asked Wetkas: “However, in your investigation report, there was nothing indicating that the property was occupied.” Wetkas agreed although initially he disagreed until he was asked to read it out to the court, then he later agreed that it was not there.

Also, the witness read out a report from the Code of Conduct Bureau (CCB) revealing that the property was verified. However, a heated exchange ensued over ownership of the property.

Usoro contended that there were three pieces of property located at McDonald road, Ikoyi, 15, block A and B, and 15b, and that the property in contention might not be that of his client. However, Wetkas agreed that there were three pieces of property in the same area, but did not give further details.

Meanwhile, on Monday, April 18, Wetkas claimed that Saraki bought a property for N522m, which he failed to declare it at the Code of Conduct Bureau (CCB). He claimed the property was bought in the name of Tiny Tee Limited from a Presidential Implementation Committee on landed property between 2006 and 2007. He said the part payment was from GTB account of Carlie Properties and Investment Ltd. Saraki has been undergoing trial at the CCT since September 22, 2015.