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Saudi Arabia and the Unanswered Questions Over Jamal Khashoggi, By Samuel Ajayi


If Saudi Arabia knew the Jamal Khashoggi case would be like this, it would have thought twice before ordering the ‘taking care’.

Khashoggi was (is) trenchant critic of King Mohammed Bin Salam and his government.

How will the Kingdom explain the following:

* That Khashoggi entered the Consular Office in Istanbul but didn’t come out and remains unseen and unheard from till today?

* That all the CCTV in the Consular Office “did not work” again the moment Khashoggi entered the building.

* That all local staff (all Turkish) were told to stay off work that day due to a “Special Event” which never held.

* That FIFTEEN top Saudi security officials came to Istanbul on the eve of Khashoggi’s visit to the Consular Office and about FIVE of them were aides of the King and have been seen with him when he visited France and the United States.

* That Khashoggi “left the Office” by the rear exit which was rarely used except for serious security reasons.

* That Khashoggi was caught on CCTV entering the Consular Office but immediately he entered, no CCTV worked again until he left.

Saudi Arabia has a lot of explanation to do to the rest of the world. Especially media advocacy groups and its allies including the United States.

This is one possible murder of a journalist that will shake the world.


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