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“Say After Me, I Am a Mumu” – Apostle Suleman Slams Critics Over 3 Private Jets Video


Apostle Johnson Suleman has lashed out at a follower who made comments concerning his 3 private jets.

In a rather hash response, Suleman said that the fact he said he bought his third jet during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic doesn’t mean he owns 3 jets.

He said this while responding to a follower.

Apostle Suleman had shared a photo of Archbishop Benson Idahosa to celebrate him on the anniversary of his death.

Commenting, a follower wrote: “You think he would’ve owned 3 private jets?”

And Suleman replied:

Say after me “I am a mumu, I was born a mumu, oh Lord help me not to die a mumu”…buying a 3rd jet doesnt mean owning 3jets..you can sell 1st or 2nd or both to buy 3rd..


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