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Scottish mayor of German village packs up as Brexit looms


Luebeck – The Scottish mayor of a small village in northern Germany on Friday handed over the keys to his office with hours until Brexit becomes a reality.
Iain Macnab has held the unpaid position of mayor of Brunsmark in Schleswig-Holstein for 12 years.
At the stroke of midnight on Friday (2300 GMT), he would be automatically ineligible to hold political office because he would no longer be an EU citizen.
The 70-year-old, who spent nearly 45 years of his life in Germany, said he feels a bit incapacitated, but added that it’s the law.
As a goodbye present, his colleagues at the district office presented him with a large Scottish flag, which Macnab said he would use to replace an old battered one that he has hanging outside his house.
Macnab’s plans for life after public office include spending more time with his wife and family and running his online business which he would like to continue if he can get the necessary paperwork. (dpa/NAN)

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