‘Scumbags mugged and shot doctor in head as he arrived at hospital for his shift’

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A doctor was mugged and shot in the head by two violent criminals as he arrived to begin his shift at work. The unnamed medic was attacked on the parking ramp of M Health Fairview Southdale hospital in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on September 14, and was struck in the head with a bullet after struggling with his assailants.

They have been named by as Matthew Rush, 33, – the suspected ring leader, and his alleged accomplice Lucinda Peterson, 50.

The doctor was approached by the pair after Rush tapped on the window of his car and asked to borrow the hospital worker’s phone, it is claimed.


After being given the phone, Rush dialed a number, handed it back – then pulled a handgun on the doctor and threatened to him, it is claimed.

Rush is said to have ordered the doctor to get in his car, only for the victim to fight back and attempt to grab the firearm. The weapon then went off, with the doctor tumbling to the ground as Rush ran away.

He noticed he was bleeding from his head, and was able to make it inside the hospital to receive medical help for the injury, CBS Minnesota reported.

Rush was later arrested inside a car, with his alleged accomplice Peterson in a hotel room near crystal meth and clothing similar to that worn by the who attacked the doctor.


Phone records later showed that both Rush and Peterson were in the area of the hospital at the time the mugging took place, with a battered silver car filmed driving away from the scene shortly after the attack. The doctor survived his injuries, although an update on his condition has not been given. Rush faces attempted murder and robbery charges, while Peterson has been charged with robbery and aiding an offender. The pair are being held in jail ahead of their first court appearance on Wednesday.

Source: Metro.uk