‘Security agencies know location of bandits that abducted teachers, students’

A former Assistant Director with the Department of State Services (), Mr. Dennis Amachree, on Monday said know the location of bandits that abducted and of Science College, Kangara in Niger State.

Speaking on Channels Television Sunrise Daily on Monday, Amachree said the compound where Islamic cleric, Sheikh Gumi, met bandits the bandits to discuss the of the abducted and was very close to a post.

He was responding to questions about how Gumi was able to easily access bandits while were finding it hard to do so.

He said: “The are very much aware because if you remember when Gumi went to see these bandits, remember there was a post there and they asked everybody to drop their guns and even if they are policemen they should stay at the post before they come to the camp where they are.

“That means the themselves know that there are some people out there, 700 strong or 600 strong in there.

“So, it is not a matter of they don’t know. I think they know but you know you just don’t jump into 700 fully armed people because the tactics have to be planned properly to handle things like that.”

On why the could not engage the bandits and rescue the hostages, Amachree said it was possible they were trying to avoid collateral damage as the bandits could easily use the captives as human shields.

“When you see bandits like that if their number is large, you will decide whether you want to get reinforcement to move in there. Then secondly, sometimes they have hostages with them and the hostages then become human shields for them.

“So, if you go in there, there will be a lot of collateral damage. So, these are the considerations.

“I am not currently in the theatre of what is happening there. So, I don’t know what the commanders of that area are doing but I can tell you they are not just sitting down,” he explained.

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