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Security Forces in Eastern Burkina Faso kill 10 Suspected Terrorists


Ouagadougou – Burkina Faso defense and security forces said they killed more than ten terror suspects as they repelled an attack on a gendarmerie post in the east of the country.

A security source said that the attack came at around 5 a.m on Monday.

“Monday at around 5 a.m, armed individuals attacked the brigade of Foutouri gendarmerie in Komandjari province.

“Over ten assailants lost their lives,” the security source said.

According to the source, two members of the defense and security forces were injured during the exchange of gunfire.

This came after an attack by militants on a military-escorted convoy of five buses carrying employees, contractors, and suppliers of the Canadian gold mining company Semafo, in Tapoa province in East region.

The attack killed 38 people and dozens were injured.

The following day, Burkina Faso’s President Rock Marc Christian Kaboré addressed the nation and called on all his compatriots for a general mobilisation to defeat the escalating terrorism and disclosed volunteer recruitment for the defense in threatened zones.

Burkina Faso is faced with a worsening security situation, which had caused the closure of 1,455 pre-schools, post-primary schools and secondary schools in 2019, affected 202,595 pupils and 6,276 teachers in six regions.

Since 2015, terrorist attacks have claimed the lives of over 600 people including 200 of the armed forces and displaced thousands of others in the West-African country.

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