See why Sule Lamido vowed not to enter mosque to pray for Buhari

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Abuja (Sundiata Post) –  Former governor of State, Dr Sule Lamido has said that he cannot pray for Buhari or advice him on how better the lives of Nigerians.

Speaking BBC Hausa on the sidelines of Nigeria’s 60th Independence anniversary, Lamido stated that he cannot pray or advise someone who chased his party out of power.

He said;

“You can’t say in the past 60 years of independence that there is no progress, there is.

“But, honestly, leaders are not taking advantage of the natural resources we have in the country make us progress and live better.

“I am from an party, no matter how much I love Buhari or his cabinet, I can’t enter and pray for him.

“People called us [PDP] thieves and voted APC.

“So, it is left for them judge now.

“If Buhari is doing good, they know and let him lead Nigeria forever, but if he is doing wrong, we are always there come and takeover in order to do the right thing.