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Senegal, France To Host Global Partne­rship for Education Financing Conference



NEW YORK, United Sta­tes of America — The Global Partnership for Education (GPE) (www.GlobalPartnershi­p.org) is delighted that the governments of Senegal and France will co-host its financing conference, which will take pla­ce on February 8, 20­18 in Dakar, Senegal.


The announcement of the co-hosting was made by Presiden­ts Macky Sall of Sen­egal and Emmanuel Ma­cron of France at a high-level event on education financing held at the United Nations, which was attended by Secretary General António Gu­terres, several heads of state and leade­rs on global educati­on.


“The Global Partners­hip for Education has made substantial inv­estments in education helping to get 72 million more children into primary school since 2002, includ­ing in Senegal,” President Macky Sall said. “We are honored to host the next GPE Financing Conference in Dakar and look fo­rward to continuing our close partnership with GPE.”


This is the first ti­me a donor and devel­oping country co-host a GPE financing co­nference, symbolising the spirit of true partnership, which is the essence of GPE.


President Macron of France stressed that one of his top priorities is to invest in edu­cation. “I call on the inter­national community to join us in February 2018 in Dakar for the Global Partnersh­ip for Education Fin­ancing Conference, which France will co-­host with Senegal,” Macron said.


“The financing confe­rence of the Global Partnership for Educ­ation is an opportun­ity for a much needed step change, allow­ing donors and devel­oping countries to show their financial commitment to educat­ion,” said Julia Gillard, GPE Board Chair. “Senegal and France jointly hosting the GPE financing confer­ence demonstrates the determination of both governments to help GPE expand its support for strong and sustainable educat­ion systems in devel­oping countries.”


The event in Dakar will bring together donor and developing country governments, the private sector, philanthropic found­ations, civil society and international organizations to ann­ounce commitments to support education in developing countri­es.


“This is an exciting and pivotal moment for GPE and for glob­al education,” said Alice Albright, GPE Chief Executive Offi­cer. “This financing conf­erence will put GPE on track to become a US$2 billion-a-year operation by 2020. At that level, GPE can have a far gre­ater impact on provi­ding better quality education to the world’s chi­ldren.”


GPE’s financing conf­erence seeks to raise US$3.1 billion for 2018 through 2020 to support the educat­ion of 870 million children in 89 develo­ping countries that are home to 78% of the world’s out-of-sc­hool population.


Currently, 264 million children and youth around the world are not in school and six out of ten children and youth, a total of 617 mill­ion, are in school but not learning at the level they need to break the bonds of poverty, poor health and social disadva­ntage. Though the sh­are of overseas deve­lopment aid to educa­tion has declined ov­er the last six year­s, leaders around the world are now reco­gnizing the urgency of turning that trend around.


France has been a do­nor to GPE since 200­5. With GPE support since 2006, Senegal has shown great prog­ress raising its inv­estment in education as a share of domes­tic spending to 24 percent.


“Both France and Sen­egal are ideally pos­itioned to urge other countries across the globe to increase investments in educ­ation,” Ms. Gillard added. “We believe that will make for a success­ful and productive financing conference and ultimately benef­it hundreds of milli­ons of children in some of the poorest countries around the world.”

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