Sex starved wife cheats with neighbour, blames her husband for travelling

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A woman who cheated on her husband, blamed him for being unfaithful.

The married woman Africa, said that she cheated on her husband because she was sexually starved while he was working out of town.

Christine Moyo, 33, of Emzaza, became pregnant by her neighbour and hid the pregnancy from her husband.

However, her -in-law, Julia Sibanda, discovered that she was pregnant and questioned her about it. Moyo allegedly denied being pregnant.

However, a few months later, when her mother-in-law realised that she was no longer pregnant, she insisted on knowing what happened to the baby.

Moyo finally confessed, and claimed that the baby was stillborn and she buried the body in the nearby cemetery.

The matter was reported to the police and Moyo was arrested. After her arrest, Moyo said that she was forced to commit adultery because of her husband’s absence.

She was convicted by Plumtree Magistrate Gideon Ruvetsa, of concealing the birth of a child.

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She was sentenced to three months in prison, which was suspended on condition that she performs 105 hours of community service at the Empandeni Clinic.

During sentencing, Ruvetsa advised Moyo to go home and live the life of a faithful wife.

“Do not engage in the business of having boyfriends when you are a married woman. Infidelity has caused you to commit a . Go and live as a faithful wife and stop deceiving your husband,” the judge said.

Moyo apologised for her actions saying: “I got carried away when my neighbour proposed love to me. I was tempted to have an affair with him as my husband is always away so I was desperate for male companionship.” (