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Sexual harassment: Sacked FRCN staff, Patricia Yakubu slams former boss, Jim Obazee with N100m lawsuit


Financial Reporting council of NigeriaA former employee of the Financial Reporting council of Nigeria (FRCN) has slammed a N100million lawsuit on the Executive Secretary of the council, Jim Osanyande Obazee.

Pastor(Mrs) Abimbola Patricia Yakubu who is also challenging the termination of her appointment alleged that Mr. Obazee had subjected her to serial acts of sexual harassment, sexual advances , seduction with attendant trauma and emotional trauma which she allegedly rebuff.

In a 54 paragraph statement of facts filed before National Industrial Court of Nigeria sitting in Lagos by a Lagos Human Right lawyer Prince Hilary Oshoma, the claimant averred thus, she was employed on 28th of February 2008 as Deputy Manager Administration on grade level 10 step 2 and through hard work and performance earned promotion to Grade level 12 step 2. During this period she worked in the Admin Department and Library until 2010 when she was deployed to the executive office directly presided over by Jim Osayande Obazee.

However before her deployment, when she was serving in the administrative department and library Jim obazee was then the technical Director, she was on several times and instances met with, and subjected to incessant seductive, infidel and serious compliments and gestures by Jim Obazee, and on her continuous rebuff, Jim Obazee resorted to unnecessarily harassment and would not mind scolding her over mundane issues even at a time when she was heavily pregnant of her 3rd baby, she then tried as much as possible to avoid him until when she was deployed to the library unit which is one of the units under the direct headship this provided him opportunity to further pester her for seduces advances, as he always come to the Library not to read, but to indulge in endless gist with her, and thereafter invite her to his office for promiscuous and obscene talk.

The last straw that broke the camel’s back was when Jim Obazee became the acting Executive secretary before his appointment was confirmed in July 2010, he then ordered her deployment from library to the Executive office as the Executive office manager.

Pastor Abimbola averred further that no sooner had she resumed that the defendant heightened his sexual advances to the extent of condescend to the abysmal and ridiculous of kneeling down, to beg her to offer him sex, professing that he had always loved her, and that her love is really eating him up.

Subsequently, the defendant in a bid to achieve his plot and desires of having sex with her scripted and profiled the claimant to travel round the country together with him, purportedly on official duties to places like calabar, Uyo, Enugu, Ibadan, Ijebu-Ode, Abuja and Minna, where in all of the times after parties have retired to their hotel rooms, Jim obazee would either call or invite her to come over to his room, or that he shall be coming to her room, but in all these, she had at all times successfully rebuffed the defendant.

She wish to rely on call logs of their phone numbers during the trial of this case.

During the FRCN’s press retreat in December 2012 at Akodo when as usual she had retired into her room, Jim Obazee came to her room to beg for sex but she resisted, and advised him to re-channel all his love and affection to his wife; after the retreat he made her redundant at work by assigning all her work schedules to her subordinates and refused her all privileges.

On Friday 24th of May 2013, she received a letter of transfer from Lagos to FRCN liaison desk at the corporate affair commission in Kaduna. Thereafter, Jim Obazee scrapped the office of the Executive office manager which she had occupied.

The claimant averred that she accepted and complied with the punitive transfer in good faith even without due allowances paid to her. However, few days after her resumption in Kaduna, she received a memo directing her to report to a grade level 08 officer, and on account should she be granted the indulgence to leave her duty post without clearance from his junior officer who in turn must receive directive from Jim o0bazee directly in Lagos, this he boasted would frustrate her to resign from the employment of FRCN.

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