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Seychelles Exchange introduces derivatives market


TROP XTrop–X, Seychelles Securities Exchange has launched a new Derivatives Market with 115 derivatives listed on major currency pairs, international equity indices and spot commodities. This will be available through the Trop–X live order book.
“The launch of this Derivatives Market is one significant part of our overall plans,” said Trop-X CEO, Bobby Brantley.
A Derivative Market is an investment market where they trade securities that derive their value, or parts of their value from the value of another security called the underlier. The underlier can come in the form of commodities, mortgages, stocks, bonds or Currency. All instruments traded on the derivative market would be settled in Dollars.
The derivative Market will be opened 24 hours for 5 days in a week as most currency derivatives and international equities indices derivatives operate. Deep liquidity, tight spreads and highly competitive fees will also be in place across the range of products.[eap_ad_2]
Trop-X has the ability to add over 3,000 more derivatives on commodities, currency, equity indices, bond, single stock equity, interest rates and ETF on short notice, subject to demand from investment community.
“The new Derivatives Market and product offering will enable investor meet their overall objectives within the comfort of a regulated market place,” Trop –X Head of Markets, Dale Fick said.
The Company came to light in August 2013 with the launch of its Equities Market has become a correspondent member of the World Federation of Exchanges (WFE) as well as the national numbering agency of Seychelles. (VENTURES AFRICA)[eap_ad_3]

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