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She Aborted My Baby Without Approval – Ultimate Love Winner, Kachi Opens Up On Breakup With Rosie (Video)


Kachi, a Nigerian reality Tv star who won the Ultimate Love reality show has revealed the reason his relationship with Rosie crashed.

Kachi and Rosie were the winners of the reality dating show “Ultimate love”.

However, the relationship hit the rocks weeks ago after rumors emerged on social media.

Kachi, with Chude in an interview disclosed that he broke up with Rosie because she had an abortion without his approval.

Kachi in tears said he warned Rosie about the abortion, stressing that he would not be part of the process but she went ahead with it

“Rosie told me she was pregnant and I was happy about it but then told me she wanted to abort the child, my child.

“She said she didn’t want her parents finding out she was pregnant before they got married especially after she had two children out of wedlock

“Rosie also brought up her career but insisted her parent was the major reason she wanted to terminate the pregnancy.

“Then we set out looking for a particular drug but within me I said if it’s Gods will that we keep this child let us not find the drugs,” he added.

However, Rosie is yet to give her side of the story.

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