Shehu Sani advises Buhari to develop emergency plan to tackle corruption, insurgency

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KADUNA – Comrade Shehu Sani, Senator-elect for Kaduna North, on Friday advised the President-elect, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari to unfold a six months emergency action plan to stem corruption and insurgency in the country.

Sani, who is also a civil rights activist, gave the advice in a statement made available to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Kaduna.

He said that it was important to confront the challenges head on, and warned against “political appeasement and settlement” in addressing issues.

“The Buhari government must focus its attention in revamping the pillaged economy and spreading prosperity to millions of the teeming masses who voted for him on the 28th of March.

“Our president-elect must beware and weary of political and economic leeches and career loyalists permanently stationed in the corridors of power.”

The senator-elect described the election of Buhari as the beginning of Nigeria’s march to greatness.

He said must support the new leadership to bring about the desired changes that would propel the nation and its people to greatness.

“The Buhari mandate is a historic opportunity to rebuild this country from the prevailing paralyses and existing moral ruins.

“It is a historic moment to end the scourge of corruption, combat the parasitism of entrenched interests and reset the clock and wheel for our journey to the future.

“It is time for all to give Buhari the support after the mandate, so that he can lead us to the promise land.

“All those elected into on the “change revolution” must know that the cry for delivery proceeds cry for change.”
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Sani commended Nigerians for a peaceful poll, stating that the success of the March 28 had rekindled patriotic zeal in Nigerians and their desire for change through the electoral process.

“We have proven to the world of the resilience of the Nigerian spirit.

“We have disproved cynics, skeptics, pessimists and those who don’t believe in us.

“The election has given our people a sense of relief, security, assurance and strengthened belief in their country.”

He pledged to support the new leadership, saying “as a Senator with an activist background, I ‘ll be guided by my conscience in my support for the president-elect to succeed.”

Sani commended President Goodluck Jonathan for his “uncommon courage and statesmanship in graciously conceding defeat against all temptations and pressures to do otherwise.” (NAN)

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