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Shettima not in Jos to Islamise Plateau – APC knocks PDP


By Chijioke Kingsley

Abuja (Sundiata Post) – The All Progressive Congress (APC), in Plateau State, has responded to what it called politics of blackmail perpetrated by the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), to smear its governorship candidate, Dr. Nentawe Yilwatda

The APC said the PDP is playing a dangerous religious card in order to generate sympathy from the Church on the Plateau against the person of its governorship candidate, Nentawe.

In a press text sent to our correspondent on Wednesday, the State Publicity Secretary for the Plateau APC, Sylvanus Namang, said the PDP jittery of its failure come Saturday March 11 governorship polls, has resorted to religious sentiments aimed at deceiving the electorates.

The text which reads in parts stated that the PDP has thrown caution and decency to the winds and labelled the APC candidate who is the son of a late renowned Reverend of the COCIN denomination as the candidate of the Hausa- Fulani or caliphate simply because of his accommodating disposition as against their divisiveness and intolerance.

According to Namang: “They have now turned their mission to Nigeria’s Vice President-elect, His Excellency Senator Kashim Shettima.

“The PDP is brandishing, the Vice president- elect who is of the Kanuri extraction with very strong affinity to many indigenous Plateau ethnic nationalities ranging from the Mwaghavul, Afizere, Gamai, Boghom, Bashar et cetra, saying he allegedly sneaked into Jos to accomplish his mission of destroying the Church, using his agent Dr Nantawe Yilwatda”.

“They said he plans to spend two days in Shendam to be hosted by the Director General of the Industrial Training Fund, Sir Joseph Ari, a worthy and well respected son of Plateau State and a devoted Catholic faithful who has brought great honour and value addition to the State as the Director General of ITF to launch his Islamic agenda in Yelwa and Wase.

“This is as laughable as it shows how shallow the PDP can be. Does the Vice President- elect need to launch a so-called jihad in places the PDP has already branded as Islamic dominated such as Yelwa and Wase instead of at Du, Pankshin, or Langtang for example?

“The PDP needs to know that the religious card it is dangerously playing shall surely not fly as it can only succeed in destroying well built relationships between and amongst the intrinsically linked ethnic groups on the Plateau.

“Plateau State is a miniature Nigeria where tribes, tongues and religions differ but its inhabitants co-exist harmoniously and breathe new lease of life for the past eight years.

“Before selling this dummy to the Plateau electorate, is the PDP aware that the Vice President-elect is related to the current COCIN President through marriage?”, the statement reads in parts.

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