Shithole Country: There is Only One Way To Shame Donald Trump

By Gimba Kakanda

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ABUJA (Sundiata Post) But then there’s only one way to shame Donald Trump, and that is for us to build a viable country. The unjustifiably racist and ignorant remark attributed to the US President has only amused me, but it’s still an undeserved political incorrectness from someone that size.

America may be an invention of an unspeakable inhumanity, but it’s still a Rome. It’s as flawed as all nations, has its poverty and injustices, and any responsible African country with actual “mentally stable geniuses” as leaders can compete with it.

For instance, the most powerful passport in the world, according to a 2017 ranking, is not the American passport, it’s Singapore passport. Singapore – an island country with no natural resources – used to be a third-world country, what Trump could’ve ridiculed as shithole, but it got thinkers as leaders, and today it’s richer than America.

So you see why some of us have refused to excuse bad governance no matter how you have insulted us for questioning politicians you treat as gods. Disappointed as I am in our governments, Nigeria is my best country in the world, and that explains my uncompromising resolve to fight whoever conspires to wreck it.

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