Should Court Allow China Kill 20,000 Coronavirus Patients?

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is getting out of hand and it is getting beyond government capacity. The spread of is increasing day by day in .

are not left alone in this as over 20 are said to have contacted the deadly virus already. As a result of this, highest court is to determine if the lives of the contacted people should be terminated.

According to AB-TC (aka City News), On Friday, the highest level of court in China, Supreme People’s Court, is to give approval on either for the mass killing of Patients in China as a means of controlling the mass spreading of the virus or not.

It was claimed that the contacted virus people are only having their death delayed as their no guarantee method of healing them for now. While receiving treatment at hospitals, other people around and attending to them also risk their lives of contacting the virus.

Will the court approves the mass killing?

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