Shrine that may be burial site of Rome’s mythical founder discovered

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Rome – Archaeologists were due on Friday to present the amazing discovery of an underground shrine from the 6th century BC which may have been the site of the first king of ancient Rome.

The shrine is dedicated to Romulus, who, according to legend, founded Rome with his twin, Remus, on April 21, 753 BC and became its sole ruler after killing his brother.

It consists of a stone sarcophagus 1.4 metres in length and a circular structure presumed to be an altar, the Colosseum Archaeological Park said in a statement.

The shrine’s location within the Roman Forum coincides with the place where, according to ancient texts, Romulus was buried, the park said, speaking of an amazing discovery.

It is unclear how Romulus died.

One version says he disappeared mysteriously in a storm, while another has it that he was killed and cut to pieces by senators.