Smile customers to savour special TRUEUnlimited Freedom plans promotion

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The second half of 2021 is starting on a good note for the teeming of Smile Nigeria. As of 12th July 2021, Smile become the happy beneficiaries of a unique TRUEUnlimited data plan promotion courtesy of the pioneer 4G LTE broadband provider in West Africa. 

Through this TRUEUnlimited promotion, Smile offers all its existing and unique Internet services without limits. Within the three months the promo last, everyone currently on Freedom 3Mbps plan a 180GB FUP, valid for 30 days at the cost of N20, 000, enjoy TRUEUnlimited Freedom 3Mbps plan NO FUP and NO LIMIT for 30 days at the same . Those on Freedom 6Mbps plan 300GB FUP, valid for 30 days and costing N24, 000, , in turn, enjoy TRUEUnlimited Freedom 6Mbps plan with NO FUP and NO LIMIT for 30 days at the same of N24, 000.

Clarifying on the ideals of this promo, Abdul Hafeez, Chief Marketing Officer, Smile Nigeria, said who purchase either the Freedom 3Mbps or Freedom 6Mbps plans within this promotional period will enjoy the TRUEUnlimited internet experience with NO FUP and assured, in the typical Smile tradition, there will be no throttling and buffering at the respective speeds of 3Mbps and 6Mbps, and no additional cost. 

Hafeez reiterated the Freedom 3Mbps plan and the Freedom 6Mbps would offer customers a genuinely Unlimited Internet experience with NO FUP and no throttling during this promotion.

Industry Analysts and Market Watchers are unanimous in views that the promo is another move by Smile for its teeming subscribers in appreciation of patronage.  To them, this latest promo is familiar terrain for the company. They recalled that a recent survey of the various unlimited plans available in the market and customers’ feedback had adjudged Smile ahead of its peers. 

Smile Nigeria, an innovative and multiple award-winning broadband company; currently offers Unlimited plans like Freedom BestEffort, UnlimitedEssential, and UnlimitedLite.  The company was the first to VoLTE on its network, and SmileVoice, a FREE mobile app, enables customers with Android or Apple handset (including those that are not VoLTE-enabled) to SuperClear voice calls over Smile’s 4G LTE networks.