Smile delights customers with revamped eSIM offer 

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Accentuating its strings of value added products to its customers, Nigeria’ leading broadband service provider, Smile Communications Nigeria Limited, has revamped its popular eSIM offer so as to further delight its customers. 

The company disclosed the launch of the eSIM offer in a statement, which underscored that the offer is a means for Voice and SMS through the SmileVoice app. The revamped eSIM offer, which comes at a of N500 only and available at all Smile touchpoints, is loaded with FREE unlimited on-net calls and SMS.  It also embodies 50 minutes of FREE local calls to any network on activation.  

According to Abdul Hafeez, Chief Marketing Officer of Smile Communications, this re-launch aims to empower Smile’ existing and prospective customers with a product extension derived from an existing product with many goodies and freebies. 

Hafeez noted that, unlike the regular SIM card that needs to be inserted in the smartphone and only functions wherever the mobile network is available, eSIM could be used anywhere in the world. The only requirement is for existing Smile customers to activate the FREE SmileVoice App on their smartphone, connected through Wi-Fi or mobile data.

To maximise the new eSIM service, once a customer joined Smile, is activate the eSIM service. Just download the FREE SmileVoice app on a compatible smartphone, running an Android or iOS system through the respective App stores. Once the download is successful, a customer will be required to activate the service on their device. Once activated, the device needs to be connected to wireless or mobile internet for the customer to launch the dialler on the app and initiate a call like a regular call to use the service. 

Dr. Iniobong Emem, a lecturer and self-professed user of the earlier eSIM variant, confirmed that he cherished the eSIM product offering that was multifaceted and cost-effective. His genuine expectation about the re-introduction of the Smile eSIM will be that it offers more advantages.