Somali leaders sign deal to end elections dispute

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MOGADISHU – (Xinhua/NAN) Somalia’s federal government and regional state finally signed an agreement on Thursday, ending an impasse that has delayed holding of both and parliamentary country.

Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble and of five federal member states alongside governor of Banadir Regional Administration pledged conduct free and fair within 60 days.

Speaking after signing revised agreement, Roble said that Thursday marked a historic moment and turned a golden page for Somalia’s state-building and history.

Roble said the agreement was reached on all contentious issues including the Gedo region, Somaliland, and on the vetting of the structure of the election committees at the federal and state levels as well as the security of the country’s .

He pledged that his government make every effort ensure free and fair elections the country, calling on all electoral stakeholders and the Somali community play their part making the elections a success.

Roble also expressed his appreciation the of five federal member states and the governor of Banadir for their role in the election agreement.

“They have truly shown a great degree of flexibility, compromise, patience, and leadership,” he said.

The prime minister said showing unity and compromise enable the country to overcome the political and it currently faces.

President Mohamed Farmajo is seeking re-election for the second term in was until Thursday under pressure after the Feb. 8 election date passed without resolution of issues related to how the should be conducted in Somalia.

On the issue of Somaliland, it was agreed that the prime minister be in charge of observing Somaliland elections while the senate speaker and his deputy appoint eight members of the state-level electoral committees, federal-level electoral committee, and disputes-resolution committee member to supervise elections of representatives from Somaliland. (Xinhua/NAN)