South Africa to extradite “most wanted” British fugitive

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JOHANNESBURG – A Magistrate South African ruled on Monday that Martin Evans, convicted British -trafficker and multiple fraudster, would be sent back .

Evans, former Young Businessman of the Year for Wales, swindled than 100 investors, many newly retired pensioners, of 1.5 million pounds, by promising huge returns from a spurious ostrich-breeding business.

The magistrate ruled on Monday in Johannesburg that this was coming more than three years after he skipped custody and went on the run, yet he be extradited. [eap_ad_1] The magistrate said the 52-year old Evans, named one of Britain’s “most wanted fugitives” in 2012 by police, would be kept in custody until South Africa’s Justice Minister signed papers confirming the order.

Evans was convicted in Britain in 2006 for conspiracy to cocaine and sentenced to 26 years in jail.

He escaped custody in 2011 while out on a five-day license.

Evans was nabbed this month by South African police at a Johannesburg housing complex in a joint operation with Interpol and British security agencies. (Reuters/NAN)