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Missing Charity: Husband Denies Complicity, Wants Emeka Ugwuonye Investigated

ABUJA (Sundiata Post) – There is a new twist to the controversy trailing the alleged missing of Mrs. Charity ‘Chacha’ Aiyedogbon, the Abuja-based businesswoman, who was declared missing on May 9.
Mr. David Aiyedogbon, estranged husband of Charity, speaking with journalists in Abuja, said he had nothing to do with the disappearance of his former wife, contrary to claims by a lawyer, Mr. Emeka Ugwuonye, who had launched a Facebook campaign calling for him (David) to be investigated for the incident.

A post obtained from Mr. Ugwuonye’s Facebook page accused Mr. David Aiyedogbon, former husband of Charity as been responsible for the disappearance of his former wife Charity.

Ugwuonye in the Facebook post said “We urge the Nigerian Police to investigate David Aiyedogbon, in case of the disappearance of his Ex-Wife, Charity Aiyedogbon. David Aiyedogbon, is corrupt person, who embezzled billions of naira as cashier under the last administration. David Aiyedogbon had a personal vendetta against Charity and has constantly BRICK WALLED efforts made by private citizens to independently conduct investigations into Charity’s disappearance.

“We have reasons to believe the Nigerian Police in charge of this case, have been heavily compromised. Several of Charity’s friends and business associates have been arrested and tortured and intimidated by the Nigerian Police. We demand an investigation of David Aiyedogbon. We demand Justice for Charity Aiyedogbon.”

But Mr. Aiyedogbon, while addressing journalists in Abuja, on Monday, urged the police to prevail on Mr. Ugwuonye to produce the evidences he said are at his disposal to prove his case.

He said the allegation was false, adding that Charity left their matrimonal home in 2014 and that he had never heard from her nor had any dealing with her since then.

Aiyedogbon said since Charity left their home in 2014, she had pettitioned the Independent Corrupt Practices and Related Offences Commission (ICPC) alleging that he has properties in London and across Nigeria and huge sums of money running into several billions of naira in several banks in the country. He said Charity had urged the ICPC to seize the properties and freeze the acounts.

He told journalists that after investigations, all the allegations were found to be false and the ICPC subsequently closed the case.

“I have no billions in my account nor do I have a N1 billion house in London. All that they are doing is to embarass me publicly but I have said it over and over again that no amount of blackmail or intimidation will make me crave in,” he said.

Explaining the circumstances that led to the disagreement betwen him and his former wife, Aiyedogbon said his enstrangled wife left their home on May 20, 2014 following a request for N20 million from him and that his refusal to make the money available to her led to her depature.

“Since June 2014, I have not had anything to do with Charity or heard or communicated with her,” Aiyedogbon said stressing that both families had severally tried to reconciled them but the move failed.

He disclosed that since May 10, 2016, when she was said to be missing by a faceless Facebook fan, “No member of Charity’s family has spoken to me that she is missing or dead as alleged by Emeka Ugwuonye. The father who has not spoken with me since 2014 called me a few days ago to asked after the children and he didnt mention to me that his daughter was missing or dead. So I don’t know where the lawyer is getting his facts. If he has killed or kidnapped Charity, he should come forward to say so”.

A top security source who is also part of the investigation process of the alleged missing Charity said that the case was that of fraud, noting that Charity was not missing but playing pranks with a view to embarassing the former husband and children.

The Aiyedogbons first daughter, Juliet, had also claimed in a Facebook post that her mother was only missing, not dead.

“Now my mum is missing. We, the family, have evidence from investigation that my mum is alive. I am working with it to find her. The police is working hard on this case, and honestly we are getting positive results,” she had said in a Facebook post she later took down.

All the four children of the family were present when David was speaking and they occasionally corroborated what their father was saying.

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