South East farmers at mercy of herdsmen –ASETU

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Association Town Unions (ASETU) has cried out over alleged occupation farmlands in the zone by herdsmen.

said the action posed grave danger to cultivation in the new planting and would hamper in the region.

ASETU’s National President, Emeka Diwe, spoke when he received an award recognition from the Forum Imo Columnists and Editors in Owerri.

He reiterated that enactment of anti- laws in the states was the only solution to the issue.

Diwe said the association had, out of frustration in the past, made representations to the United Nations and the United States of America government over the matter, adding that never again shall they allow their innocent men and women to be murdered by these herdsmen.

“We have written the and all the Houses of Assembly thrice in three years over the for these laws.

“Such laws, as we have since conceptualised, will define an enforceable framework that takes cognisance of appropriate punishment to defaulting herdsmen, restitution to victims and restoration of losses.

“The laws will also restore hope and confidence to our poor and defenceless people at the grassroots. is unfortunate that till this day, the laws have not been enacted.

“The farming is fast approaching. Our farmlands are occupied and our rural do not find safe anymore to go to their farmlands. When this reality of farm productivity combines with the glaring recession in the country, you can see that the insecurity in will be aggravated, and hunger, crime and other social vices will escalate.

“The therefore rise now and act. be made safe now,” Diwe said.

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