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Southern Kaduna: Produce Fulani Herdsmen You Paid money – Apostle Suleman tells El-Rufai


Abuja (Sundiata Post) – The General Overseer of Omega Fire Ministries, Apostle Johnson Suleman, has asked the Federal Government to compel Kaduna State Governor, Mallam Nasir el-Rufai to produce the Fulani herdsmen to whom money was paid so as to disabuse the minds of Nigerians that Christians are not the target of President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration.

The cleric in a statement released  by his communications adviser in Abuja on Sunday, said failure to compel el-Rufai to produce the herdsmen who purportedly collected money from the Kaduna State Government was an indication of the insincerity of the Buhari administration.

“The Governor of Kaduna State confessed that he paid money to some Fulani herdsmen as compensation to stop the killings in Southern Kaduna. That means he knows those who have committed atrocities against Christians. He must be made to produce them to answer to charges of murder and other crimes”, he declared.

“El-Rufai can be safely regarded as an apologist of the herdsmen, and with a fact. On July 12, 2012, he tweeted the following: ‘We will write this for all to read. Anyone, soldier or not that kills the Fulani takes a loan repayable one day, no matter how long it takes.’ The governor’s response to the killings in Southern Kaduna has been consistent with this mindset. In a recent chat with newsmen in Kaduna, the governor made different remarks to substantiate his love for the herdsmen and their activities.

“First, he said when he became governor, he traced the attackers to Cameroon, Chad, and Niger Republic and sent a message to them that one of their own, a Fulani like them, was now governor. This comment  displays a dramatically bigoted mindset. A governor of a state in Nigeria was making appeals based on ethnic kinship and brotherhood to a group of foreign killers of people in his  state! In other words, he was appeasing his murderous foreign kinsmen at the expense of indigenes of his state who are not his ethnic kinsmen but whose safety and interests he swore to defend. The governor’s shocking statement indicates that ethnic solidarity supersedes his constitutional obligations to protect Southern Kaduna citizens from the external threats of foreign Fulani herds men.”

Apostle Suleman’s statement came ahead of the invitation by the Department of State Services (DSS) to report at their office in Abuja on Monday, January 30, for reportedly asking members of his church to defend themselves if Fulani herdsmen attacked them.

The cleric said the Federal Government would be engaging in double standards by asking the DSS to invite him while allowing el-Rufai to move about scot free, saying that the fact that the latter has immunity did not preclude him from investigation.

“There’s no end to the killing of Christians in Kaduna. Those behind the heinous crime are known to the governor. Yet no one has been charged for murder. Instead people like us who speak the truth are being persecuted. The Federal Government must not give the impression of partiality or suggest that Christians are the target of this administration”, he added.

Continuing, Apostle Suleman wondered why his recent speeches have been misconstrued by agents of the Federal Government when all he has done was to remain consistent in telling the truth irrespective of whose ox is gored.

“Which is worse? Saying the truth or offering money to murderers? Did el-Rufai offer money to ghosts? For you to pay someone money, the person must have a known and fixed address. As chief security officer of the state, was it not his business to arrest and put these hoodlums on trial? How come no one has been caught or prosecuted for the massacre in Southern Kaduna? Obviously, there’s more to it that meets the eye”,  he said.

The head of the Omega Fire Ministries further admonished security agents not to allow politicians and ethnic warlords to use them to achieve parochial objectives, warning that such a development might lead to grave consequences for the nation.

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